Plastic Free Pets Journey - Shedding light on Polyester

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Hi everyone, Steph here the founder of Plastic Free Pets. Welcome to our site! I have recently found clumps of polyester fibre fill washing up on the beach in Whitianga, it lead me to the below research. 

I’ve been researching a lot lately on sustainability and the life cycle of different materials for all of the products we make. There is one product that I really wanted to highlight; it isn’t talked about that much, despite it being present in most items you wear. Polyester is something I want to bring to your attention. This is the plastic derived fabric that is made into all sorts of fabrics to give a nice smooth and soft feel, but is affordable. Polyester, derived from oil has now overtaken cotton as the world's most produced fibre. 

But the one thing that can't afford  this material is our planet. There is so one stop solution to get rid of polyester or acrylic fibres. Through washing, tiny fibres break off, eventually ending up in our waterways and food systems. Over 70 million barrels of oil were used to produce 1 years supply of the world's polyester. 

Now, I want you to take a minute and think about your pet’s products. Most of these are made and filled with 100% polyester fibres. From their toys, blankets, beds, climbing towers, towels- lots of polyester with no real way of recycling or repurposing the items. Also, our beloved pets are often chewing on these, ingesting the toxic fibres could really harm them.

If you want more information on this subject- check out some great videos by Massey University’s plastic sumit. 

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