Plastic Free - Stainless Steel Litter Scoop

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Are you tired of plastic litter boxes and the scoops available on the market? Plastic is not only bad for our planet, ourselves and our pets, but it also holds odour, is hard to clean througughly and not durable. 

Look no further! Introducing the Stainless Steel pet litter sccop. You won't go back after using one of these. 


  • Large sifting holes to sift out any remaining litter
  • Large curved spoon makes it easy to get all of the waste in one go
  • Long handle making it safer for you handling the waste
  • Cotton wrapped handle, making it soft on your hands

To Clean:

  • Simply sanitise the spoon end of the scoop with hot water, dishwashing liquid and dry with a paper towel. 
  • For best resutls, do not wash the cotton handle


Height: 380mm

Width: 130mm

Depth: 20mm

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