About Us

We live by the mantra “Good for you, the planet and your pet”
Here at Plastic Free Pets we are on a mission to bring you affordable, stylish, educational and most of all PLASTIC FREE products for your pets. We believe these should be accessible to everyone, to be able to reduce our plastic waste- even for our pets. 
There are many amazing plastic free alternatives for our own lives, however our pet friends have not been catered for - until now! We believe wholeheartedly that pets are part of the family, and they should be provided with the best. They can also do their part for the planet (on behalf of their owners of course- woof woof) 
It’s easy to make small steps - swap to plastic free products as you need them. 
Our products are totally plastic free. From our sourcing, shipping, storage and  delivery straight to you - you don’t need to worry about the environmental impact of your purchase. 
We are delighted to have you here along with us in the journey to a plastic free pet world. 
For more info, follow along on our social media accounts @Plastic_Free_Pets