Why go Plastic Free?

Our top reasons to go #PlasticFree
  1. Our Planet - Plastic is a major pollutant of our planet. The only true way to reduce harm is to eliminate this product from our use. 
  2. You - Feel satisfied that you are making a choice for the future of our planet and the safety of our pets
  3. Our Pets - Toxins present in plastic and synthetic fibres can be extremely harmful. Common plastic and additives include: 
Often added to phthalates to stop them from breaking down. Has a well known range of harmful effects on its own. A controversial product, that is linked to cancer and much more. (Read more in depth about BPA here Scientists Reveal Why BPA Plastic Still Isn't Safe
Is a neurotoxin that interferes with development and cognitive functions. Can be more of an issue in older products. Still used in some new imported, painted toys.
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) AKA “Vinyl”
PVC has been called the ‘poison plastic’ because so many of its ingredients are known to leach out throughout its life cycle. It can also be harmful to your pets if inhaled, licked or ingested. 
Can cause issues with the liver, kidneys and reproductive systems. 6 types have been banned in the EU from children’s toys, so that is a good indicator it should not be in your pets’ toys also.