Plastic Free - Revolutionary Round Stainless Steel Litter Box

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Cats love to use these round litter boxes. No more ugly plastic litter boxes- which take on smells and stains easily.

With a removable inner bowl which you can take out and clean completely. These litter boxes are ergonomically designed, for when your cat sits (cats are not square when they sit down!)

Cats often like their privacy when using their litter box, this customised round, deep shape makes them feel safe and relaxed. The deep sides means your cat won't track litter around the place. 

To clean simply wash with hot water and dishwashing liquid. 

Top tip: use with our Natural Biodegradable Pine Pellet Litter and the Stainless Steel Litter Scoop for a truly eco friendly litter box system. 

Cats can often fight if there aren't enough litter trays around for them. We recommend 1 cat has 2 litter trays, for 2 cats provide 3-4 litter trays. 


Height: 130mm

Width: 380mm

Depth: 380mm

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